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Coding Automation Toolkit - How It Works


Through a combination of proprietary data mining technologies (DMT) and natural language understanding technologies (NLU), the coding automation tool has the capability to extract text and sections of text from any medical document through DMT, isolating elements such as drug names, procedures, diagnosis, disorders, etc. Each element is then verified with our comprehensive database and presented in a form that is easy to read by coders and billers.

The output text can be returned in several ways. For example, tags (highlighted text) are added to the document. Or, all elements are separated, compiled and presented back in a separate spreadsheet file. Finally, CDA files compatible for importing directly into an EMR can be generated.


The Coding Automation Tool can be installed on premises of the medical organization. It is a worry-free product when it comes to PHI because original documents are not retained or recorded elsewhere.

Coding Automation Tool is simple-to-install and simple-to-use solution that is compatible with any version of Microsoft Windows and has no special requirements for hardware, software or network configuration.

Thank you for adapting your process to support our system's import feature. Thank you again for your help.

Kelly Lee O'Boylan
Fresno State University