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Encrypted Email - How Encryption Works?

1. Sign up . Your organization could be up and running within minutes! We will provide you with your account credentials (URL, user ID and password) and APIs to encrypt messages or files.

2. Encrypt Data . Use our web portal to compose encrypted emails. Or, use our SDK APIs (HTTPS POST) to incorporate our solution into yours. You can also optionally use our Windows program in the command-line batch mode or Microsoft Outlook plugin.

3. Notify Receivers . Tell your receivers that in order to be able to open HCEF files they need to download and install our free App called Decrypto.


Our solution is optimized for computer-to-mobile and computer-to-computer communications, not for mobile-to-mobile. However, we are currently working on adopting our technology to mobile-to-mobile communications.

To apply encryption technology to SMS we inject WAV file with the encrypted component. Such WAV file could be attached to any outgoing SMS. Receiver will be able to listen to content of the WAV file, while encrypted content is hidden inside the audio.

I have been very pleased with your services.

Zaneta J. Idlett
Turning Point Hospital