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Encrypted Email Highlights

- HIPAA does not prohibit the use of phone and fax machines to communicate PHI
- Traditional email and texting are not a HIPAA-compliant communication methods
- Are you looking for a way to send 100% HIPAA compliant email or SMS?

- We have a solution!

- You can use our web portal to encrypt your messages
- You can use our Windows-based program to encrypt your messages
- You can use our Microsoft Outlook plugin to encrypt your messages
- We will provide you with the API to encrypt your messages
- Encrypt text or any kind of file (DOC, PDF, XLS, RTF, TXT, etc)
- Simply attach encrypted files and send email or MMS the way you always did

- We also have developed free Apps that decrypt received messages
- When your email/SMS is received, the receiver clicks the attachment
- Our App will automatically and seamlessly decrypt the attachment and open the content
- We have an App for Android and i-OS devices; we also have an App for Windows and MAC

- Important to know! We do not keep your messages on our servers

I remain impressed with the rapid turn around of your service. Thanks again.

Bruce G. Kinzy, MD, PA