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Encrypted Email Components

Our Encrypted Email system consists of the following components:

Encryptors . These are scripts located on our servers and accessible via API. Only secured (SSL) connection could be used. You will be provided with login credentials (keys). Process of encrypting the text is instant and consist of a single HTTPS POST session.

Decryptors . Previously encrypted text or file should be attached to email as HCEF file (HIPAA compliant encrypted file). The attached file could be decrypted using either: a) our Android App, or b) our i-Phone App, or c) our Windows application, or d) our MAC application. Those components do not have interfaces (other than registration screen) and do not require special setup. The decryption process is seamless and instant.

Our solution is built such a way that neither sender or receiver knows the password used for encryption. The actual password is built on-the-fly using the keys that provided separately by sender and receiver. It means that HCEF file sent to doctor Smith could only be decrypted on cell phone of doctor Smith. However, doctor Smith is able to open HCEF files from i-OS and/or Android cell phone and also from his Windows PC/laptop or MAC.

After 42 years here in my private solo practice, I have finally found friends in a caring company. Thank you so very much!

Lawrence J Shivers, MD